Phu Quoc shopping: 7 best places to buy souvenirs

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Phu Quoc shopping: 7 best places to buy souvenirs

4 August 2018 | 0 Comment | By Que Giang

Wherever you go on a trip, souvenirs are a must to bring home. Not only these are tokens of wonderful memories but it’s a good way to show your family, friends and colleagues that you thought of them during your vacation. Then, if you are looking for unique but of course inexpensive souvenirs, here are some suggestions for you.

Duong Dong night market

The night market in Duong Dong, Phu Quoc island

This is the largest seafood market in Phu Quoc. They have plenty of seafood, both freshly caught or sun dried, with affordable price. In addition, tourists can find fascinating handicrafts and woodcrafts made by the locals. Another worth buying souvenir is jewelry made from seashells and corals.

Duong Dong market

The lively Duong Dong market

Duong Dong market is the biggest one on the island. At 4 o’clock, the market begins a busy day with early morning catches of fish transported to vendors. Dried seafood varying from all sorts of fish to squids and shrimps is the local speciality in Duong Dong market. Moreover tourists can also buy fish sauce with supreme quality and wallet – friendly price.

Ham Ninh market in phu quoc island

Ham Ninh market

Ham Ninh market is located pretty close to Ham Ninh fishing village. It’s never too early to visit Ham Ninh market. Seafood freshly caught from the sea and gathered here has made this location an iconic seafood market.

Black pepper farm

Lines of black pepper growing strong under the sun

Black pepper is always a good idea as souvenirs. If you want to bring home some, it’s preferable to buy at the farm instead of local shopping malls. here are more than 700 farms growing pepper and they are accessible by tourists. The farms on Phu Quoc island provide a considerable quantity of black pepper for native consumption. Peppers should be ready for harvest when they’re green, making them firm and crips.


Pearls have become one of the most searched souvenirs by tourists to Phu Quoc. To avoid fake products, it’s best to take a look at pearl farm. The farms with highest credits are Quoc An pearl farm, Ngoc Hien pearl grower, along with a Japanese owned pearl farm and Australian owned pearl farm. Take your time to go shopping among timeless fashionable items.

Phu Quoc fish sauce

Phu Quoc fish sauce

Fish sauce is long known for being high in nutrition and a must for many Asian kitchen. Currently, Phu Quoc fish sauce production has reached 8 million litters a year. Uncle Ky, Hung Thanh, Bao Ninh are the some of the manufacturing brands producing authentic fish sauce.

Phu Quoc Sim wine

Among many other interesting souvenirs, Phu Quoc is also home to the rose myrtle. According to local islanders, Sim wine (wine made of rose myrtle) dated back decades ago and have now become best sellers in tourism shopping.

Phu Quoc Sim wine

The two most famous brands must be Bay Gao and Sim Son. Phu Quoc Sim wine has made its way into airport shopping stores meaning there’s no chance for low quality products. A bottle of Sim wine usually costs 150.000 dong, around $6.

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